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   Recently in language arts class, we have been reading the book, The Giver.  We have only gotten two chapters in and I already want to read more.  It is Utopian literature and science fiction, so it is pretty interesting.  Some parts of it I don't quite understand yet, but I guess that makes sense for how far I am into it.  It is kind of a strange book in many ways.  They talk about these "imaginary creatures called elephants and bears".  That was pretty bizarre to me, since the last time I checked, bears and elephants were real. 

   Another thing I thought was pretty strange was that they are assigned a family and a spouse.  They can only have one girl and one boy, and they get them at an auction where they auction off all of the newborn babies.  I thought that all of that was very odd.  So far in the story, I have come across some pretty bizarre things that have raised a lot of questions in my mind; Do they not have animals in their community?  What happens if no one offers to take a baby at the auction?  Can people file for divorce from their chosen spouse?  Hopefully all of these questions will be answered in upcoming chapters.

   I believe that the story, The Giver, takes place in a Utopia, or a perfect world.  I believe that this story takes place in a Utopia because of some of the things that have happened in the story.  For example, all of the adults are given a good job, a spouse, children, a good community, etc.  They are pretty much just having everything they could want in life handed to them.  I think that the story takes place in a Utopia because it has shown signs of taking place in a perfect world, an example being how they are just handed everything they could want in a good life.

   I think that our world is sort of similar to Jonas' world in a couple of ways.  One similarity is that you can only have a certain amount of children.  In the United States, however, we can have as many children as we would like, but in some countries they are not as lucky.  In some countries in our world you can only have one or two children in your family.  For example,  in China, you are only supposed to have one child in your family unit.  In The Giver, they can only have two children, one boy and one girl.  Our world and Jonas' world in the story, The Giver, are similar in some ways, but also very different in other ways.

   There are some positives in the community Jonas lives in compared to the world we live in.  One positive is that everyone has a job.  In our world, there are a lot of people without jobs providing money for them and their family.  In Jonas' world, however, everyone is not only provided a job, but they are provided a job that fits them and their abilities.  Another positive is that they are provided everything they could want in their life.  They are provided a family unit, a spouse, a job, a good community, etc.  There are a lot of positives in the community Jonas lives in compared to the world we all live in, like how they are provided a good job and everything they could want in their life.  I have really enjoyed reading The Giver.  I am hoping to get farther into the book and learn the answers to some of the questions I currently have.  I am really liking the book so far and I am hoping that it continues to get better and better. 

  Have you read/are you currently reading The Giver?  What did you think of it?


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