Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What has happened this year? - 7th Grade

This school year (2012-2013) in the seventh grade, a lot of things have happened.  Here is my reflection of the seventh grade and everything that has happened this year:

7th Grade Reflection:
What's Popular?:
Music - rap, techno (electronic), One Direction, Taylor Swift

Fashion - Jeggings/Leggings, sweaters

TV shows - Crime shows (Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc.), Duck Dynasty

The Harlem Shake
Link to LJH's Harlem Shake video!

What am I like?:
Style: techno (electronic), rock, hip hop, pop
Artists: Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift

Converse, Old Navy Jeans, JCPenny clothing

Sports: Soccer and tennis
Colors: Yellow, green, and light blue
Animals: Dogs and bunnies
Books: The I Am Number Four series
Movie: She's the Man
Colleges: USC, UNC, Stanford
Games: Clue, Little Big Planet, Mario Kart, Monopoly
School Subjects: Math (Algebra 1) and Language Arts
Activities: Reading
TV shows: Criminal Minds, Survivor, Ridiculousness
Restaurants: Hacienda
Foods/Drink: Ice Cream, popcicles, pepperoni pizza, sprite
Other: Funny videos, Pinterest

1. Brook H.
2. Lauren C.
3. Grace M. 
4. Kristen B. (Brownie)
5. Karen P. 

What has happened?:
1. Obama was reelected president of the United States
2. The Boston Marathon bombing
3. A new pope was chosen
4. Tornadoes hit Oklahoma
 5. Kevin Ware broke his leg on live TV (the bone was popping out!)
6. The Newtown School shooting
7. The Batman Shooting in Aurora, CO (this summer)

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