Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 8

Student Blogging Challenge
My 10 favorite things:

1. Animal: Dogs

My favorite animals would definitely have to be dogs.  Dogs are so nice and friendly, specifically golden retrievers.  I have a golden retriever named Max, who is shown above.  If you haven't already, click play to learn more about my love for dogs.  Enjoy!

2. Book(s): The I am Number Four series 

The I am Number Four series, written by Pittacus Lore, would definitely have to be my favorite series of books.  The first book, I am Number Four, would probably have to be my favorite in the series.  I also really liked all of the other books in the series so far, including The Power of Six and The Rise of Nine.  He is also currently writing the fourth book in the series, The Fall of Five.  I am really excited for his upcoming book, especially because of how good the other three were.  They are science fiction books with a little bit of romance in them as well.  They are about a group of teenagers from another planet who are being hunted by their enemies.  They are trying to stop them as well as save the entire planet Earth.  They are really interesting and so easy to get sucked into.  

3. Place to Travel (town): San Diego, California

My favorite place to travel (as in a town) is San Diego, California.  San Diego is a beautiful city full of beaches and all sorts of places to go.  One of my main reasons I love San Diego is because of how much sunlight it gets.  It is always so sunny and bright there compared to where I live.  One of my most recent trips to San Diego was a little over a week ago, when I went to see my brother graduate from law school.  We basically spent the whole trip laying in the sun or at the beach by our hotel.  It was so much fun to be there with all of my family and I can't wait to go back again.  

4. College: The University of Southern California (USC)

My favorite college would have to be the University of Southern California.  One of my favorite things about the university is it's campus.  I have visited it two times, once to visit my sister who went there, and a second time to see her graduate with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience.  It was so beautiful and all of the people there were so nice.  I also really liked the college a lot because of it's ranking.  It is one of the top schools in the United States and I think it would be really amazing to go there.  My favorite college and university would definitely have to be the University of Southern California because of it's campus, it's ranking, and how my sister went there. 

5. Actress: Emma Watson

My favorite actress would definitely have to be Emma Watson.  She is so amazing and so pretty.  She is in a lot of my favorite movies, including all of the Harry Potter movies and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  She plays Hermione Granger, one of the main characters, in the Harry Potter series and Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  She is a phenomenal actress and I just love her overall.  She is so funny and really nice.  Emma Watson is most definitely my favorite actress. 

6. Author: Sara Shepard

My favorite author would definitely have to be Sara Shepard.  She is an amazingly talented author with some many great books.  Some of these books include the Pretty Little Liars series, the Lying Game series, and the Heiresses series.  My favorite of these series would probably have to be the Pretty Little Liars series.  I am currently on the sixth book of the series, and it is really good.  I just can't put it down!  I really love getting sucked into good books, and Sara is always good at writing books like that for me to get into.  My favorite author would definitely have to be Sara Shepard, because she is talented, has great books, and is an overall great writer.

Here is the link to Sara Shepard's official website.

7. Color: Yellow

My favorite color would definitely have to be yellow.  It is so pretty and bright, it just makes me feel better.  It is like the sun, or a pretty yellow flower, both of which bring me joy.  I think that colors can really change your feelings about certain things, and yellow never fails to make me feel better.  My sister, Grace, has a yellow room and I just love sitting in it because of how warm and bright it is.  Sitting in that room always makes me feel better.  My favorite color would definitely have to be yellow because it is bright, warm, and it makes me happier.

8. Sport: Soccer

My favorite sport is soccer.  I have been playing soccer as long as I have been able to walk.  Everyone in my family plays soccer, besides my mom.  We all love it so much because it is so fun to just go out onto the field and have fun.  One of my favorite things about soccer is scoring a goal.  It is such a rush, just kicking a ball past the goal-keeper and into the back of the net.  I play all positions, but mainly midfield.  I am lucky enough to get to have this rush pretty often, unlike the defenders who have never really felt that before.  However, maybe they get the same kind of feeling from keeping the ball from going into the back of our net.  Maybe I will try playing defense more often to see how it feels.  I just love all of the positions of soccer, all of the little things about soccer, and the overall idea of soccer.  Soccer is the best thing ever and I am so glad that I get to play it every day.  My favorite sport would definitely have to be soccer because it is fun, I have been playing it forever, and I just love everything about it.

Here is the link to the "Major League Soccer"'s official website.

9. Game: Clue

My favorite game would definitely have to be Clue.  My family always plays it together and it is so fun.  I just love everything about it, from the characters, to the game board, to the whole idea of it.  It is so fun to try and use the clues to find out the confidential information.  I don't like to brag, but I'd have to say that I am pretty good at it.  There is a lot of competition in our family, and I like to think that I am the best at Clue.  It is so fun and I love playing it with my friends and family.  Clue would definitely have to be my favorite game because I love playing it with my family, I am pretty good at it, and it is really fun.

Here is the link to the Clue section of the Hasbro website.

10. Movie: She's the Man 

My favorite movie would definitely have to be She's the Man.  The main reason I like it is because it is really funny.  Amanda Bynes plays Viola, the main character, and she is so funny.  I also like it because it is about soccer.  I love soccer and I love movies, so it is a double win for me.  Lastly, I like to watch it because it is just good overall.  It is an enjoyable movie that I love to watch with my friends and family.  My favorite movie would definitely have to be She's the Man because it is funny, its about soccer, and it is just an overall good movie.

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 What are some of your favorite things?  Why do you like them?  Leave a comment!


  1. I like your Thing-link. I wonder why you decided to make a Thing-link. Visit my blog

    1. Jessica,
      Thanks! I made the Thinglink because I really like the web tool. It is probably my favorite web tool that I have learned to use this year! I just love how you can make pictures interactive by adding text, other pictures, music, and so on. Well, thank you for checking out my blog. I will most definitely check your blog as well! :)

      - Sydney M.

  2. Nicely done... love it!!! I especially like the dog!

  3. Sydney, I really enjoyed reading your post, and the way you write. You have a lot of cool tools in your blog as well.

    -Emily C.

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