Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 6

Blogging Challenge
Week of 4/15-4/19
Activity 5: What is Digital Citizenship? 

   For this blogging challenge, I have chosen an activity where I got to play a game that tests my digital citizenship.  My score didn't turn out as good as I had hope; My "Digizen" score was a 40 out of 100.  I was very surprised by my overall score for the game.  I had thought that I was such a good Digital citizen!  I earned a 7 in "supporting Joe", who is the main character in the game that is being bullied.  I earned a 20 in "making sensible online decisions", which I was pretty happy about.  I earned a 12 on the first quiz and a 1 on the second quiz, which were both about safety online and digital citizenship.  Lastly, I earned a 0 on gathering information, which I was not very pleased about.  From this, I concluded that I did pretty well at making good decisions and knowing about online safety and digital citizenship, but I was not very supportive and didn't say the right things to help Joe end the bullying.  Overall, I was very surprised by my "Digizen" score on the game. 

   I have learned a lot about digital citizenship from this game.  I have learned a lot about what digital citizenship is, what to do online, and what not to do online.  I have created this Thinglink to help you learn about these important topics as well. 

Thinglink: What is Digital Citizenship?

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