Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 3

Blogging Challenge
Get Creative

Imagine that you had just finished washing your clothes and you found that one of your socks was full of holes.  You can't use it as a sock, but you can use it for ten different things.  Here are the ten things that I would use the sock for:

1. Fishing net

2. Butterfly catcher

3. Dish rag

4. Patch on a quilt

5. Pet toy

6. Fingerless Gloves

7. Sock Puppet

8. Pillow Stuffing

9. Teddy Bear Stuffing

10.  Dry erase board eraser


  1. Lovely Post and very good ideas :) and creative. Come and visit my blog too ^^

    1. Ana,
      Thank you! I went to your blog as well and saw a lot of good blog posts! Keep up the good work and remember to keep checking my blog as well for new blog posts!

    2. Hi Sydney,
      Thanks for checking my blog too ! :D I will continue checking your blogs :) and I hope you do too with mine ^^
      Thank you so much again !!

    3. Ana,
      You are very welcome! It was very nice and you should keep up the good work. I will most definitely keep checking on your blog. Thanks again for checking out my blog as well! Keep on checking in for new blog posts!

  2. I really like your sock Idea's. Here's my link if you want!

    1. Cristina,
      Thanks! I look forward to checking out your blog as well! Remember to keep checking on my blog for new blog posts!