Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 3

Blogging Challenge
Get Creative

Imagine that you had just finished washing your clothes and you found that one of your socks was full of holes.  You can't use it as a sock, but you can use it for ten different things.  Here are the ten things that I would use the sock for:

1. Fishing net

2. Butterfly catcher

3. Dish rag

4. Patch on a quilt

5. Pet toy

6. Fingerless Gloves

7. Sock Puppet

8. Pillow Stuffing

9. Teddy Bear Stuffing

10.  Dry erase board eraser

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blogging Challenge - Challenge 2

Blogging Challenge
Freedom of Choice

   One thing that I really like doing is playing soccer.  I have been playing soccer since kindergarten.  It is really fun, and I guess I could say that I am pretty decent at it.  I am currently not playing now, but I will be playing when soccer season starts up again next week!  I am super excited!  I not only love playing soccer, but I also love my team.  We all have a lot of fun, on and off the field.  Almost all of my friends play soccer, but some of them aren't on my team.  It is kind of fun when I play against the team my friend's team because we all get really competitive and pretend to talk bad about each others' teams.
   I am also excited to get a new pair of cleats.  I have outgrown my old ones, and to be honest, I am sort of glad I did.  My old ones were yellow with a black Nike symbol, but now they just look brown because of the layer of dirt covering them.  I have tried washing them, but nothing helps!  I am hoping to possibly get a purple or a red pair, because those are two of my favorite colors.  I want to choose a pair that will look good with my uniform, because I love to match.  I am really excited to get a new pair of cool cleats to start of the new soccer season!
   Even though I really love being on the soccer field, I also love watching other people play soccer.  One of my favorite players is Lionel Messi.  I am pretty sure he plays for FC Barcelona, a really good team.  He also plays for Argentina on the national team.  I love watching him play soccer because he is really good.  He is also really fast!  Another one of my favorite players is Tobin Heath.  She plays for the U.S. women's national soccer team.  She is also really good.  I really loved when she did the "Double Nutmeg".  I had never seen a double nutmeg before, only a normal nutmeg.  I thought it was really extraordinary and awesome.  Even though I really just love playing soccer, I also like to watch Leo Messi and Tobin Heath play because they are really, really good.
Soccer is most definitely my favorite sport.  I just absolutely love to play soccer.  I also love to watch soccer, especially when my favorite players are playing.  My favorite players are Leo Messi and Tobin Heath.  I am hoping to someday be as good as them!  I love soccer and I am really excited to start playing more soon!

Tobin Heath
Lionel Messi


Friday, March 8, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge
Week of 3/3-3/8
The 10 people I would most want to meet (living or not):

1. Rick Riordan
Question: Why did you choose to write books about mythology?

2. Emma Watson
Question: How did it feel to be cast as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies?

3. J.K. Rowling
Question: Which book did you enjoy writing the most?

4. Mia Hamm
Question: Do you still play soccer?

5. Daniel Radcliffe
Question: Were you upset when the Harry Potter movies ended?

6. Suzanne Collins
Question: What made you think of creating The Hunger Games?

7. Ann Brashares
Question: Were you upset when you ended the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series?


8. Taylor Swift
Question: How old were you when you started creating music?

9. Nick Jonas
 Question: Are you going to make any more albums?

10. David Beckham
Question: How long have you been playing soccer?